Are you looking for the best mentoring program in the valley? Here in Avondale Arizona, at L.I.G.H.T Foundation Mentoring Academy, we provide youth coaching and youth programs to help kids grow into their full potential. The founder of L.I.G.H.T Foundation Mentoring Academy, AGoddess Love-Jamison is a Licensed Minister, a Transformational Life-Coach, a Mentor, an Author, and an Inspirational Speaker. With hopes to create an environment to empower young minds, AGoddess Love-Jamison offers an incredible after school program to provide support and counseling for young children and teens. With intentions to be a servant leader and create a supportive environment of open communication without judgement, AGoddess Love-Jamison hopes to raise awareness of the unlimited potential we all have within ourselves.

By providing the students with the necessary tools to seek a higher quality of life, AGoddess Love-Jamison aspires to encourage and empower boys and girls of all ages. Through tutoring, youth workshops, and life-coaching sessions, AGoddess Love-Jamison teaches and promotes self-awareness, self-healing and self-love to instigate inner change. Additionally, she offers art classes and dance classes to encourage self-expression since she believes it is important that kids learn from a young age to express themselves and that this self-expression be met with acceptance and encouragement. If you are looking for a great mentoring program for you or your child, one that will be sure to change your life, then you have found the perfect place to start.

Proverbs 11:14 where no counsel is, the people fall: but in the multitude of counselors there is safety.

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